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Pen Pal Ministry Guidelines

Christian women can now go and visit prisoners, right from your kitchen table!

Our goal is to find loving, encouraging Christian women who would be willing to write inspiring letters or cards to a Christian woman inmate or one who desires to know more about Christianity.  This involves approximately 1 letter or card per week.  Would you like to serve God in this way?

  • Our mission purpose:  is to help women inmates discover strength and hope to reach beyond their circumstances through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • The Pen Pal Ministry is a commitment to correspond with female inmates helping them discover strength and hope in the Lord. Receiving mail is one of their greatest joys.  'They all stand together and wait each day as the names are called out to those who have received mail.' Some "never" get mail or visitors.  They spend months standing and waiting, only to be rejected by family and friends.  Your Christ-like witness through letters can change a life!
  • Cards and letters are permitted only.  No gifts of any kind or books should be sent.
  • Commitments other than letter writing are discouraged.  (Examples: telephone calls, money, books, car rides, court appearances, contacting other relatives, and the like.)  When asked, you can reply: "I am very sorry. The Pen Pal ministry has policies and regulations and I have made a commitment to be a pen pal only.  Anything else is discouraged.  Be assured my prayers will be with you."
  • Please do not make any promises you can not keep!
  • Many will be released while you are writing to them.  It is up to you if you want to continue writing.  It may be a blessing to you both.  However, in most cases, they probably will stop due to lack of a permanent home address.
  • If you prefer to use your church address rather your personal address, this is acceptable.  However, rest assured, we have had no problems with pen pals trying to physically contact church women at their homes upon being released.  Remember, the inmates we assign are the Christian women or women seeking the Lord who attend our worship and bible services....they are not the main stream prisoner.
  • The majority of the women are like you and me, eager to meet a new sister in Christ and have a desire to grow spiritually.  They are excited about their new found faith and love to share their feelings, hopes, and plans.  You will be a great blessing in their life!
  • Remember, to always include an invitation to your church upon release.  If you have started a WIT Sunday School class, this is the perfect orientation into the church family and they should be encouraged to attend.