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Finding a Church Home

If you are seeking a church with a women's ministry like Women in Truth, please contact us. (Also, see our Spiritual Guidance Links for more suggestions.) Since this women's ministry is often over-looked by the church, you may discover you will need to encourage your church to develop one, like we did!  This web-site offers you free tools to get started.

If you do not have a church home, please read the following article.


These days people often look for a church in much the same way they choose a mall or restaurant. Many people look for adequate parking, great facilities, their favorite songs and exciting youth programs, but this, of course, is basing one's choice on the wrong things. A word of caution in choosing a church, don't expect to find a perfect one, for if there were such a church, the moment you or I joined it, it would no longer be perfect! Every church, being full of sinful (though hopefully saved) people, is going to have its short comings. So our need is to set our sights of the primary issues.

  1. Does it believe that the Bible is the source book for all truth, faith and practice? Check out their "Statement of Faith" on what they believe.
  2. Does it preach the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ ALONE, not adding anything else to salvation?
  3. Do people regularly respond to the Gospel & get saved?
  4. Are the messages relevant, edifying, & Biblical?

Closely related here is the type of preaching that is done. Is it for the most part taken from the Bible scriptures, expository (going verse-by-verse through the Bible) or is the congregation fed on sermonettes and popular topics that seek to make people feel good or address the so-called self-help needs. Since God's Word is relevant and deals with life as we find it in any age, expository preaching will take care of our needs as it enhances our walk with the Lord.

  • Are the services honoring to the Lord, and beneficial to spiritual growth? Is the Holy Spirit working and moving during the service?
  • Do the members actively serve the Lord?
  • Look for a church that has a focus on small group weekly Bible study with qualified Bible teachers.  Secondly, do they have some kind of fellowship in the sense of caring for one another. Are there small groups for the purpose of fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and caring for each other?
  • Is the church seeking to reach its community for the Savior? (Locally and world wide.)  Are they equipping the members to be effective witnesses?
  • Do church visitors get treated like honored guests: with much love, respect, kindness & follow up? I can think nothing more reassuring, than a phone call or a personal visit from a staff member, within hours after a church visit. This should be followed up by a  layman's visitation team or a phone call from other members of the church.You will know you have found a Christ-caring church when this happens!
  • Are the Pastors & Leaders, godly men & women who exemplify Jesus: humble, merciful and kind? (not proud & arrogant but full of compassion for all, showing no favor.)

WARNING: Be on guard for those churches where the focus is on charismatic leaders who tend to dominate and become dictatorial to the leadership and congregation. Many cults operate like this. Many Christians believe that the most biblical form of church government is one that has a plurality of leadership in men called "deacons" or "elders" who function as servant leaders, not rulers.

Be wary of churches that promote the miraculous like healings, miracles, and speaking in tongues. These things do not promote spiritual growth and maturity, but rather appeal to the flesh.

Remember, in the Book of Acts, the Jerusalem church was in "one accord!"  They loved doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread, & prayers. It was an exciting, vibrant, & spiritual church that turned the world "upside down", for Jesus Christ!

Should you still need help in finding a church home, please let us know your name, city, state and zip code in the contact section.  We will do our best to research and help you.



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