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Jeanene's Testimony

Jeanene-250Jeanene shares how her life went from darkness to a joyful life in Christ!


I am always THANKFUL for all the WIT Ministry did for me when I was in one of the darkest experiences of my life! I can never THANK YOU ALL enough! You all are in my prayers.

The LORD, as always is FAITHFUL! He is still Blessing me with HIS most Precious Presence. I am very Thankful for the Blood of JESUS because I am so unworthy. I am Grateful for His GRACE!

I have been enjoying my family; Daughter Aquila, Son-in-law Wade, 1st Granddaughter Layla who is 4 today (Blonde hair) and my Bethanie (Red hair) who will be 3 on March the 4th. I am so thankful for their love and forgiveness towards me.

I am diligently serving the LORD and working 3 part time jobs. The LORD has blessed me with a Christian room-mate in a very comfortable home and neighborhood. THE LORD IS GOOD, Always!

As requested, I am sending a couple of pictures of my family and myself from when we were BLESSED to go to Disney last year from Dec 10-18th.

Jay, Wade's Father went with us, THANKFULLY. However, unfortunately, Jay was killed in a very bad car accident this past April. He was hit by a triangle moving truck which ran a red light and hit Jay. He died 3 hours later. VERY great loss! Please keep my family in prayer. This is the 1st season without him. My first granddaughter, Layla was born on Jay's birthday.

Thank you all for all your prayers and sending me the Wit letter. I do appreciate it very much!

You all do a great work. Please let me know if i can help in any way.